University of Warsaw Institute of Philosophy



The list of lecturers of this year's Logic Workshop edition:

  • Zofia Adamowicz (IM PAN) – IΔ0*
  • Marat M. Arslanov (AML KSU) – Turing degrees of n-c.e. sets
  • Marek Czarnecki (IF UW)Low Basis Theorem and Model Theory without Actual Infinity [.pdf]
  • Michał T. Godziszewski (IF UW, MIM UW, FUW) – The method of forcing and independence of the Continuum Hypothesis
  • Dariusz Kalociński (IF UW) – Learning by coordination
  • Marcin Mostowski (IF UW, IF UJ) – Concrete mathematics
  • Filip Murlak (MIM UW) – Boolean circuits for beginners
  • Damian Niwiński (MIM UW) – Fixed-point characterization of polynomial time
  • Luca San Mauro (DMG VUT)Logical models for trial and error mathematics. Dialectical and quasi-dialectical systems [.pdf]
  • Theodore A. Slaman (DM UCB)The Δ2 Turing Degrees: structure, definability and Cooper's question [.pdf]
  • Jakub Szymanik (ILLC UvA)Logical complexity and cognitive difficulty in reasoning [.pdf]
  • Konrad Zdanowski (WM-P UKSW) – Generalizations of Limit Lemma
  • Schedule:

    Thursday, September 15th

    Friday, September 16th

    Saturday, September 17th

    Sunday, September 18th

    Monday, September 19th

    Tuesday, September 20th

    Wednesday, September 21st